A Journey Through Food

A Passage to India

If there is one thing I have learned in my three decades on this planet, it is this: As human beings we should take the time each and every day to understand one another’s stories and cultures. And to me, the way I do that is through food and engaging in conversation over a meal. Two years ago, I decided to return to my roots and take a culinary sabbatical to the shores of India; exploring the heart and soul of South Indian cuisine and its influence on the South African palate.

What follows on these pages are my escapades through this land I can only describe as “an explosion for the senses”. Come roam the streets of Bangalore with me, take a romantic train ride to Madurai, dine at temples of old, explore Mumbai’s flavours, and so much more, all in the name of rediscovering the essence of Indian food.

My thoughts on food and humanity

Why a Culinary Sabbatical

It was during my time during my travels that my interest in finding humanity through food was piqued and I am now on a journey of discovery, to the far-flung troves of the world that most tourists don’t explore, as I believe it is there, in the small cafes and back-alley food trucks that we truly understand one another. I have always been inspired by the late, great Anthony Bourdain, who taught those of us who followed his journey, that foods that seem weird in one culture are a delicacy in another’s. And, that a meal prepared over a fire on the banks of a fishing village by people with very few resources, is just as important and beautiful and complex as any French chef’s precious prix fixe dinner.